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we're willing to wipe the slate clean, give you a fresh start.
all that we're asking in return is your cooperation in bringing a known terrorist to justice. (the matrix)





brooklyn bridge live camera/

sep 11, 2001/photo journal/


the live camera sent millions of sequential images, across the world, for over ten years, 9/11 ended the transmission.

the live camera was replaced by photos from 9/11 early in 2002.

"Everyone visits romDog's Brooklyn Bridge live cam, though I'm not sure why: romdog.com/bridge/brooklyn.html. This camera has been on the web since 1994 over 100,000 people visited them that first year. Romdog is mentioned in every language in webcam sites around the world.

I was visitor number 1,889,032."
—brooklyn daily eagle 2001


"Photographer Fred Krughoff lives in the community where the terrorists brought down the World Trade Center, and in those first awful hours, he began recording the agony and response of his deeply wounded neighborhood. He's been at it ever since, and you can see his photographs by going to NOW's web site on PBS.org. This is one I lingered on: the way it looked on September 12, the morning after, the morning when America drew a collective breath and set out to cope with a new order of things."
—bill moyers


an Apple book of 9/11 photos will be available soon.


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